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If someone does not share your religious beliefs, that does not mean your beliefs are being violated.

If you have strongly held religious beliefs and your job does something that does not fit with those beliefs, you have two options: put those beliefs aside while at work or leave that job.

That’s how it works in the US, how it’s always worked.

Your religion is a lifestyle choice that you can’t expect everyone else to choose. Your employer has to make reasonable accommodations for your religious beliefs; it can’t forbid you to wear a crucifix or a star of David or any religious hat or scarf or head dress. But expecting your employer to discriminate against other people due to your particular religious beliefs is both unreasonable and illegal.


If an insomniac says “that’s so easy I could do it in my sleep” should I be worried or reassured?  

It’s actually not so strange that Catholics think that you can pray the gay away, because they also think that you can pray the straight away. “No sex for anyone”, that’s their motto, right? Abstinence for all, amen.

I’ve got the guts and balls to say it:

This IS a WAR ON RELIGION, a war to keep it in the heart, the home, and in the churches, and to not let it encroach into every public and private institution.

(As our founding fathers wanted it.)

Christianity, in expecting us to follow it with unwavering faith, offers up The Bible — a vague, confusing, contradictory, and at times downright bizarre and macabre text — as sacred law and literature to guide us through an ambivalent life in an equally confounding world?

It kind of reminds me of the US tax code.

You know, it’s impossible to be in compliance and you’re screwed any way you run it.

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