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Your garment steamer can be used to prepare a quick and nutritious meal. Just wave it over your favorite food items — broccoli, kale, little neck clams — as you would your Loro Piana blazzer and lunch is ready in seconds!


Adam: I’m hungry I’m going to head over to the grove and grab a peach, you want one?
Eve: The grove, huh?
Adam: Yes.
Eve: Or you could go over to the garden and get some greens and we can make a salad.
Adam: I’m starving though, I just want to grab a quick peach.
Eve: Ok, get some grapes and a banana, we can share.
Adam: I don’t like bananas.
Eve: That’s ok, you can just have half of mine.
Adam: I said I don’t like bananas.
Eve: Who doesn’t like bananas?
Adam: I don’t.  And we’re the only ones here.
Eve: How about we try that new spot beyond the garden and we can get some kale and quinoa?
Adam: I just really want a peach, been craving one all day.  And the grove is a lot closer than the garden.
Eve: Ok, ok.  The grove it is.  Why not apples from that new tree, they look delicious I’ve been wanting to try one of those.
Adam: The tree with the huge forbidden sign it front of it?
Eve: That’s the one.  Get one big apple and we can share.
Adam: Or I can get two regular size apples and we can each have our own.  Or peaches.
Eve: I think I’m in more of a mood for apple.  And I’ve been wanting to try one of the forbidden apples, they look exotic and yummy.
Adam: But I distinctly remember God telling us those apples are forbidden.
Eve: Nah, he only meant that as a suggestion.
Adam: I’m pretty sure he didn’t.
Eve: That’s your problem Adam, you never want to try anything new.
Adam: I know what I like.
Eve: So get a big apple, my new friend the serpent says they’re amazing, really scrumptious, “to die for” is how she put it.  She seems really cool I want to start hanging out with her more.
Adam: I don’t know …
Eve: Oh come on, live a little for once.
Adam: Alright, alright I’ll get us a big forbidden apple to share if it will make you happy.
Eve: Thanks honey, you’re the best!
Adam: You want honey too?

You know what kind of restaurant I’d like to see open here in my home town of Jersey City, NJ?

One exactly like the ones my parents would drag me to as a little kid back in the ’70s/’80s growing up in the suburbs.  Exactly like one, EXACTLY.

A completely cheesy American-Continental restaurant.

Shrimp cocktail, clams casino, nearly wilted salad with ranch dressing, nearly stale dinner rolls (served in a basket wrapped in a warm cloth napkin with individually wrapped pats of butter that are half frozen and can’t get a knife through so you just insert the whole damn thing, maybe two, inside the roll via a slit you cut in it with your steak knife) prime rib, sirloin steaks, huge baked potato (wrapped in tin foil of course) with sour cream and chives, French onion soup (oh so exotic), lobster tail, surf-n-turf for two, etc.

And the help must be period perfect: big sideburns, feathered hair, jumpsuits, leisure suits, etc.  Bellbottoms.  All the help wears necklaces, female and male.

At 10:30pm a cover band comes on and plays Three Dog Night, Kris Kristofferson, and instrumental versions of Bee Gees songs quietly in the corner.  You dance between entree and desert.

To perfect it, you’d be drunk driven home in a ’72 Buick 352 V8 LeSabre with a Landua roof.  One with a timing problem and needing an oil change.

Now that would a culinary experience!

Too much pizza and Asian fusion ’round here anyway.

Sorry but the line between hybrids and GMOs is not quite that sharp.

Please know that in the 1930s many farmers and other groups vehemently opposed hybridization as “against nature”.

Yes, Monsanto seems to be abusing patent laws and is otherwise acting in a very opaque manner, but I don’t believe that’s cause to demonize GMOs as a whole. Sure, labeling GMOs as such is a fine idea, but not if that labeling is used to imply that they’re inherently dangerous.

Food is sustenance first and foremost. About 16,000 children die each day (EACH DAY!) from hunger related causes. Millions of children (and adults too) have died for lack of food as simple as a cup of white rice. Subsistence farmers take all the help they can get. While I do enjoy good food and a good meal, elevating food to an expensive luxury good and cooking to an exclusive art form can be quite vulgar and somewhat dangerous as well. So it’s worth repeating: food is sustenance first and foremost.

Bacteria is everywhere, in plants and in animals. Some bacteria are vital for life, and in fact very few strains of bacteria are directly dangerous to humans. Every human has about 500 to 1000 strains of bacteria in their gut, about 5 pounds of bacteria overall within and on their bodies, and there are trillions of microorganisms in/on humans – outnumbering human cells 10 to 1. Without this microbiome humans could not exist. Introducing a bacteria’s DNA into a plant’s DNA should not cause a knee-jerk reaction that the result is some kind of poison.

If you want to eat healthier, simply eating less food will do you so much more good than changing the foods that you do eat, especially if you’re an American.

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