If an insomniac says “that’s so easy I could do it in my sleep” should I be worried or reassured?  


It’s actually not so strange that Catholics think that you can pray the gay away, because they also think that you can pray the straight away. “No sex for anyone”, that’s their motto, right? Abstinence for all, amen.

“Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck” really is a montage of heck. I’m watching it now and I’m confused as to why there’s all this pointless animation? Apparently there was a large storage space filled with tapes and video of Kurt, Courtney, Nirvana, etc. so why can’t we see more of it? Why are we shown all this After Effects animation of doodles? Ok, I’m assuming they’re Kurt’s doodles, although that’s not entirely clear, but the guy was known for his music not his doodles. Yes it’s interesting that he doodled so much, but wow it’s like 85% of this stupid documentary so far. See, I already know the words to the song Rape Me so seeing those words animated on white lined paper isn’t very interesting. I hope this thing turns around and gets back to its actual subject matter, because this documentary feels a lot like a very long and very bad music video.

Why all the 1950’s and 1960’s stock footage? It made sense at the top to set the stage/mood for when Kurt’s parents met and then raised Kurt, but there’s no reason why it needs to continue.

And what about Dave Grohl? Did he refuse to participate? So far there’s no interview with him.

The thing is I really liked “The Kid Stays in the Picture”. That is an awesome documentary! But with Robert Evans’ story there was no storage space filled with audio tapes, videos, photpgraphs, etc. so Brett Morgen had to rely on animation to tell that story. But it ain’t working for Kurt’s story. I want to see more of the video, photos, and audio and a lot less of Kurt’s journals animated on screen.

And Morgen just missed an obvious follow up question with Courtney when she said she once nearly cheated on Kurt. He didn’t ask, “with whom?” That’s like a DOC101 mistake.

Alright, back to the film …

Ok it just wrapped up. I liked it and I am glad I watched it. But I did not love it. I was expecting and really hoping for something more in depth, and yes even more voyeuristic. Instead we got something like an SVA student’s After Effects comp. (A very talented student, ok sure.) No interview with Dave or Pat Smear. Oh well! But it was so much better than Nick Broomfield’s “Kurt and Courtney”, which is perhaps the worst documentary ever made.

With its limited theatrical release HBO is clearly thinking this is Oscar material.

Hey Facebook & Internet: spreading the truth is not spreading negativity!  If you have your facts wrong about vaccines and GMOs and you get called out on it, that’s your bad!  The truth often hurts; deal with it.

Recently there’s appeared this strange breed of posters that feel that spreading awareness, even if it’s spreading pseudoscience and misinformation, is the ultimate in positivity, and that anyone who challenges them with facts is a hater.  One does not need to be a scientist to think scientifically, we all had science classes in regular K-12 school.  Didn’t folks learn to do basic, rudimentary scientific & scholarly research?  I don’t know how an average, intelligent person, or even a less than average intelligent person, hasn’t learned to evaluate a source and to consult more than one source.  Or to simply consider alternative possibilities.

I love it (hate it) when you point out to a person that they have their facts wrong and they say “well you’re no scientist!” when they themselves aren’t one either yet felt they had enough knowledge of a scientific topic to feel they could speak as an authority on it.

So confusing, what ever happened to healthy skepticism?

All through my life I’ve routinely tested as having average intelligence; I’m no genius not by a nautical mile.  But I did learn how to learn, I do know how to do the most basic separation of fact from fallacy.  Which is FUCKING EASY AS SHIT TO DO!  It’s actually harder and takes more cognitive gymnastics (and precious time) to believe in falsehoods.  What gives?  I do not get it.

And love-hate, positivity-negativity binaries do not apply to fact gathering anyway, let alone the scientific method.

There’s heat in the kitchen, not just cupcakes.

People are saying Rubio gave an amazing presidential campaign announcement speech.  WTF?  It sucked ass.  I heard it live.   His speech was depressing.  He made it seem that it’s impossible for children to have a better life than their parents these days.  And it’s all just government’s fault and not anyone else’s, not greedy rich people or wage-stingy corporations.  Wait, I take that back, apparently universities with their high tuition are a huge part of the problem as well.  No mention at all that poverty breeds poverty and that wealth breeds wealth.  Just government and universities, those are the sources of all of America’s problems.  If only those two things would just get out of the way we would all succeed!  We’d all be able to start successful businesses and become insanely wealthy in a matter of a couple of days or so.  If it weren’t for those fucking universities and governments keeping us down!  The revolution starts now: vote Rubio and get participatory democracy and higher education off your back.

He also seemed to indicate that only a person raised by poor immigrant Cubans should ever be allowed to become a US president, because only they know what hard work is.

Anyone else notice that the acting on Game of Thrones sucks? All the actors have blank faces and dead looking eyes. Like robots and avatars. Every line of the script is delivered in a slow monotone with that stupid pseudo British accent that’s supposed to make us think we’re watching Shakespeare rather than just dragons and dungeons. The only emotion ever shown is pain, physical pain. No one cracks a joke, ever. Not a funny one anyway. Political maneuvering is supplanted for actually character development, which makes GOT as thrilling as TiVo-ing Mitt Romney stump speeches. Who’s writing this thing? Apparently each episode costs a billion dollars to make, but they’re letting the interns and Teamsters write it. Which explains all the Skinemax style softcore porn. GOT is all costumes, hair, makeup, sets. Kudos to those guilds however, bravo! The alcoholic midget is the only character that reminds you of an actual human being. Friends, I can’t do it, I tried. I watched a bunch of episodes yesterday. I’m giving up on Game of Yawns. It’s like Nickelback for music: why listen to them when you can listen to Led Zeppelin? Also, extreme, line-crossing violence has never captured my attention and I don’t seek it out for entertainment. Rape and infant stabbings? No thanks HBO.  Since everyone else is watching I’m sure you won’t mind if I pass. But True Detective can’t start soon enough!

Ok, so from the second video we’ve learned that Walter L. Scott had not yet purchased the car he was driving, and had no insurance card or vehicle registration on him. I guess it’s not allowed in North Carolina, but here in New Jersey that’s grounds to be shot dead on sight and then have your insurance premiums raised by 300%. Happened to me twice.

My new POLITICAL HYPOTHESIS: America’s evolution from an isolationist country that stayed out of foreign affairs and wars to a much more belligerent nation that always wants to fight in other people’s wars aligns perfectly with America’s switch of national pastime from baseball to football.

Baseball is more of a game of strategy, more closely mimicking diplomacy, less about gaining and taking ground. Football is nearly the opposite: it’s all about brute force and taking territory away from you foe.

Back in the late 1930s America was obsessed with baseball. And we had no taste for or desire to stop fascism in both Europe and Asia. “That’s their problem” was our collective stance. But nowadays with football dominating American sports viewership and fandom, we’re all set to use our military, or strongly consider using our military, for any little conflict no matter where it is on the globe (especially if there’s oil involved!).

Maybe if we start watching more basketball we’ll strike a happy medium?

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