People are saying Rubio gave an amazing presidential campaign announcement speech.  WTF?  It sucked ass.  I heard it live.   His speech was depressing.  He made it seem that it’s impossible for children to have a better life than their parents these days.  And it’s all just government’s fault and not anyone else’s, not greedy rich people or wage-stingy corporations.  Wait, I take that back, apparently universities with their high tuition are a huge part of the problem as well.  No mention at all that poverty breeds poverty and that wealth breeds wealth.  Just government and universities, those are the sources of all of America’s problems.  If only those two things would just get out of the way we would all succeed!  We’d all be able to start successful businesses and become insanely wealthy in a matter of a couple of days or so.  If it weren’t for those fucking universities and governments keeping us down!  The revolution starts now: vote Rubio and get participatory democracy and higher education off your back.

He also seemed to indicate that only a person raised by poor immigrant Cubans should ever be allowed to become a US president, because only they know what hard work is.