Hey Facebook & Internet: spreading the truth is not spreading negativity!  If you have your facts wrong about vaccines and GMOs and you get called out on it, that’s your bad!  The truth often hurts; deal with it.

Recently there’s appeared this strange breed of posters that feel that spreading awareness, even if it’s spreading pseudoscience and misinformation, is the ultimate in positivity, and that anyone who challenges them with facts is a hater.  One does not need to be a scientist to think scientifically, we all had science classes in regular K-12 school.  Didn’t folks learn to do basic, rudimentary scientific & scholarly research?  I don’t know how an average, intelligent person, or even a less than average intelligent person, hasn’t learned to evaluate a source and to consult more than one source.  Or to simply consider alternative possibilities.

I love it (hate it) when you point out to a person that they have their facts wrong and they say “well you’re no scientist!” when they themselves aren’t one either yet felt they had enough knowledge of a scientific topic to feel they could speak as an authority on it.

So confusing, what ever happened to healthy skepticism?

All through my life I’ve routinely tested as having average intelligence; I’m no genius not by a nautical mile.  But I did learn how to learn, I do know how to do the most basic separation of fact from fallacy.  Which is FUCKING EASY AS SHIT TO DO!  It’s actually harder and takes more cognitive gymnastics (and precious time) to believe in falsehoods.  What gives?  I do not get it.

And love-hate, positivity-negativity binaries do not apply to fact gathering anyway, let alone the scientific method.

There’s heat in the kitchen, not just cupcakes.