Anyone else notice that the acting on Game of Thrones sucks? All the actors have blank faces and dead looking eyes. Like robots and avatars. Every line of the script is delivered in a slow monotone with that stupid pseudo British accent that’s supposed to make us think we’re watching Shakespeare rather than just dragons and dungeons. The only emotion ever shown is pain, physical pain. No one cracks a joke, ever. Not a funny one anyway. Political maneuvering is supplanted for actually character development, which makes GOT as thrilling as TiVo-ing Mitt Romney stump speeches. Who’s writing this thing? Apparently each episode costs a billion dollars to make, but they’re letting the interns and Teamsters write it. Which explains all the Skinemax style softcore porn. GOT is all costumes, hair, makeup, sets. Kudos to those guilds however, bravo! The alcoholic midget is the only character that reminds you of an actual human being. Friends, I can’t do it, I tried. I watched a bunch of episodes yesterday. I’m giving up on Game of Yawns. It’s like Nickelback for music: why listen to them when you can listen to Led Zeppelin? Also, extreme, line-crossing violence has never captured my attention and I don’t seek it out for entertainment. Rape and infant stabbings? No thanks HBO.¬† Since everyone else is watching I’m sure you won’t mind if I pass. But True Detective can’t start soon enough!