My new POLITICAL HYPOTHESIS: America’s evolution from an isolationist country that stayed out of foreign affairs and wars to a much more belligerent nation that always wants to fight in other people’s wars aligns perfectly with America’s switch of national pastime from baseball to football.

Baseball is more of a game of strategy, more closely mimicking diplomacy, less about gaining and taking ground. Football is nearly the opposite: it’s all about brute force and taking territory away from you foe.

Back in the late 1930s America was obsessed with baseball. And we had no taste for or desire to stop fascism in both Europe and Asia. “That’s their problem” was our collective stance. But nowadays with football dominating American sports viewership and fandom, we’re all set to use our military, or strongly consider using our military, for any little conflict no matter where it is on the globe (especially if there’s oil involved!).

Maybe if we start watching more basketball we’ll strike a happy medium?