Adam: I’m hungry I’m going to head over to the grove and grab a peach, you want one?
Eve: The grove, huh?
Adam: Yes.
Eve: Or you could go over to the garden and get some greens and we can make a salad.
Adam: I’m starving though, I just want to grab a quick peach.
Eve: Ok, get some grapes and a banana, we can share.
Adam: I don’t like bananas.
Eve: That’s ok, you can just have half of mine.
Adam: I said I don’t like bananas.
Eve: Who doesn’t like bananas?
Adam: I don’t.  And we’re the only ones here.
Eve: How about we try that new spot beyond the garden and we can get some kale and quinoa?
Adam: I just really want a peach, been craving one all day.  And the grove is a lot closer than the garden.
Eve: Ok, ok.  The grove it is.  Why not apples from that new tree, they look delicious I’ve been wanting to try one of those.
Adam: The tree with the huge forbidden sign it front of it?
Eve: That’s the one.  Get one big apple and we can share.
Adam: Or I can get two regular size apples and we can each have our own.  Or peaches.
Eve: I think I’m in more of a mood for apple.  And I’ve been wanting to try one of the forbidden apples, they look exotic and yummy.
Adam: But I distinctly remember God telling us those apples are forbidden.
Eve: Nah, he only meant that as a suggestion.
Adam: I’m pretty sure he didn’t.
Eve: That’s your problem Adam, you never want to try anything new.
Adam: I know what I like.
Eve: So get a big apple, my new friend the serpent says they’re amazing, really scrumptious, “to die for” is how she put it.  She seems really cool I want to start hanging out with her more.
Adam: I don’t know …
Eve: Oh come on, live a little for once.
Adam: Alright, alright I’ll get us a big forbidden apple to share if it will make you happy.
Eve: Thanks honey, you’re the best!
Adam: You want honey too?