What makes anyone think a war to rid Iran of its nuclear weapons program will succeed?  America botched the war in Iraq which had the same goal.  And in that war it turned out Iraq DIDN’T EVEN HAVE a nuclear weapons program or any weapons of mass destruction, yet we still managed to completely destabilize the country and surrounding area; plus Iraq, with the emergence of ISIS, is arguably more of a threat to the US than before the war.  “Mission accomplished”, huh?

I’d say “know your history” but the Iraq war is in the present, we’re still engaged there.  No excuse for not knowing any of the above.

The takeaway of the Iraq war (and Vietnam, Cuba, Libya, The Soviet Union, Lebanon, South Africa) is that it’s better to move countries away from extremism slowly, with modest but continuous pressure over time.  Massive military engagements to bring about regime change have not been very successful recently. And really the only successful ones have involved world wars. In Europe it took two world wars. With Japan it took two nuclear bombs.  It’s not easy stuff, stop saying it is and stop assuming the outcome is certain!