Ya know, the Amish hold their beliefs as strongly as any other religious group and they sell their stuff to anyone, even the most modern, hedonistic people. And you don’t hear them bitching that their religious liberties are being violated. If you’re Iranian you can still buy a camera at B&H Photo, they don’t care. I’ve seen Indian people in Pakistani restaurants and vice-versa despite the Kashmir conflict. So what’s the problem conservative Christians? Whatever happened to “love the sinner, hate the sin” or is that just some bullshit you say to people to hide your real contempt?

Some of the folks supporting the new Indiana law (and other laws like it) are saying that not serving gays is not discrimination.  Well it is, legally.  Just as not serving an African American solely based on the fact they are of African descent is discrimination in the eyes of the law.  Know our laws people!

Let’s face it, this law isn’t truly Christian, it’s white trash.  I also know many, many Christians who fully support gay rights.  Many gays are in fact Christian.  Many Christian priests are gay too!  For an organization that has such a gay pedophilia problem you’d think Christians would be a little more sensitive to gay rights, to at least not have people ask “so you’re against gay rights but okay with priests raping young boys, why not speak out about that first and loudest?”