I accidentally clicked on the “Weddings” section of the New York Times app.  It was … hard to describe.  A strange collection of the nuptials of extreme a-type personalities and 1%-ers, all of them perfectly photogenic.  You know when you buy a picture frame and it comes pre-loaded with a pic of a beautiful man, woman, or couple?  Well here’s where you can learn all about those ideal people!  One couple plans to run half-marathons in every state and full marathons on every continent.  Because nothing says enduring love like endurance running I guess (I’m no expert at either). One couple made up an entirely new last name rather than have the wife hyphenate or the husband feel he forced his last name on her.  (Come to think of it I kinda like this idea, I mean why not go with Obama or Einstein or Depp, right?)  And really excellent teeth in all the photos, world-class stuff.  Check out this section only if you want to feel like a cretinous loser (or more so) and if you didn’t get enough fairy tales as a kid.  It’s pride killing in a way, not the “isn’t that lovely!” affect it wants to illicit.  (Of course I don’t believe in marriage so your mileage may vary.)  But it’s possible this is more damaging to a person’s self image and body image than all the skinny models and gorgeous celebrities, because these are REAL PEOPLE (allegedly, might be “fake news” like the Daily Show, I do have my suspicions).