I wrote the following as a comment to a post on Facebook from a person I know a bit in real life. He was writing about how he feels like he does not fit into this world. That maybe he is ahead of or behind the times, but not comfortable in the now. For background, he is a singer in a punk band that is heavily influenced by early punk. He was upset, frustrated, and ended with “FUCK THIS WORLD”. Here’s what I wrote:

Do not jump.

You have [your girlfriend], family, and friends. That’s enough and often more than most have. You have music. Have you thought of learning to play guitar or another instrument? (Do you already?) You have a community that appreciates you.

All that said, I hear you. And to those that say “it gets better” as you age should know that often it does not and sometimes it gets worse. Sometimes you have to dig even deeper to find the fortitude to simply get through. And sometimes not. Good days and bad. But yes, the ground you dig from does get deeper as you age, that you do attain. But you do need to keep digging.

It’s a strange world we live in now, perhaps even the strangest times in all of history. We are so close yet so far away from a better world, and that contradiction is hard to process, let alone live with and maneuver within.

Just know that you are not alone in feeling as you do, even though it seems like the exact opposite.

So do not jump.

Rather, keep trying to fly. Sometimes all we have, all we get, is the trying.