It will be interesting to see if ISIS gets upset that Jordan executed a failed ISIS suicide bomber prisoner. Should you get upset when your suicide bomber is a victim of homicide? Your suicide bomber … what’s the proper Islamic reaction to this per the Quran? Do you send more suicide bombers? Do you yourself become a suicide bomber? Do you try to homicide those that homicided your suicide bomber? Do you threaten to have your other failed suicide bomber prisoner go on a hunger strike? Do you purposely send a martyr to get arrested so as to go on a hunger strike in prison? That’ll show ’em! Or do you eat a shitload of falafel and hummus and get really fat and drunk? Maybe you try another suicide underwear bomber? If your failed suicide shoe bomber is arrested and executed by trampling in the public square how many virgin camels does she receive in paradise? None? If you’re a female suicide bomber in a burqa and your not wearing underwear does a fig leaf fall in the desert? Do you even need to wear underwear in a society without toilette paper? Or toilettes? All sorts of existential questions have been raised. What would Mohammed do??