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Hey NRA-ILA, the shooting of┬áChris Kyle and Chad Littlefield is why rational and responsible people are overwhelmingly for mandatory criminal and mental health background checks for ALL gun purchases. Maybe if such checks were in place nationally the Marine Eddie Ray Routh would not have had a gun and Kyle and Littlefield would not have been shot and killed. As it is, Kyle and Littlefield should have aborted the trip to the gun range once they agreed “this dude is straight-up nuts”. The fact they they didn’t is evidence that we are way too cavalier about mixing guns and mentally unstable people. Even Kyle the American Sniper Navy SEAL was not vigilant enough regarding this, so clearly more needs to be done. But won’t be, right NRA-ILA?


I thought it was obvious, but if Obama ever says that ISIS is engaged in a religious war, he hands ISIS a ready-made video clip to use for propaganda and recruitment purposes.

ISIS wants to frame this as a west vs. middle east war, a Christian vs. Muslim conflict. Or better yet: a Judeo-Christiam vs. Islam war. They already say the US is trying to take over the region and use it as recruitment material. Having the US president call it a religious conflict, a war against Islam or even a war against radical Islam, takes it to another level. A level which would probably result in more self-radicalization of Muslims, more people to go to Syria and join up with ISIS. I think it’s very strategic of Obama to not make this bigger than it is (which is pretty fucking big already) and call ISIS merely terrorist thugs.

Also remember, we are trying to get other followers of Islam (Turkey, Kurdistan, UAE, Jordan) to fight against ISIS. Saying ISIS perverts Islam and does not represent Islam is smart strategy. And Obama knows this.

Calling it a war against radical Islam gains us nothing, rather it has the opposite effect: it emboldens ISIS, threatens the fragile regional coalition against ISIS, and takes a healthy step toward WWIII.

And on top of all that, those in Congress who are demanding Obama call it a war on radical Islam should remember that Congress itself has been afraid to call it a war at all, to declare war on anything at all, even ISIS, let alone radical Islam. Also: only Congress can declare war, if it would like to declare war on radical Islam it is free to do so.

It fact, per the Constitution, Congress allowing (or requesting) the President to declare war and then get Congressional buy-in has it all backwards.

I wrote the following as a comment to a post on Facebook from a person I know a bit in real life. He was writing about how he feels like he does not fit into this world. That maybe he is ahead of or behind the times, but not comfortable in the now. For background, he is a singer in a punk band that is heavily influenced by early punk. He was upset, frustrated, and ended with “FUCK THIS WORLD”. Here’s what I wrote:

Do not jump.

You have [your girlfriend], family, and friends. That’s enough and often more than most have. You have music. Have you thought of learning to play guitar or another instrument? (Do you already?) You have a community that appreciates you.

All that said, I hear you. And to those that say “it gets better” as you age should know that often it does not and sometimes it gets worse. Sometimes you have to dig even deeper to find the fortitude to simply get through. And sometimes not. Good days and bad. But yes, the ground you dig from does get deeper as you age, that you do attain. But you do need to keep digging.

It’s a strange world we live in now, perhaps even the strangest times in all of history. We are so close yet so far away from a better world, and that contradiction is hard to process, let alone live with and maneuver within.

Just know that you are not alone in feeling as you do, even though it seems like the exact opposite.

So do not jump.

Rather, keep trying to fly. Sometimes all we have, all we get, is the trying.

There’s a new designer drug popular with Millennials. Specifically, with urbane, hipster, irreverent types. They take one dose in the am that lasts all day long and it allows them to deal effectively with today’s challenging world. It’s called mehth. It has no side effects but for the risk of ridicule and scorn from old farts.

… friends come with benefits, jobs don’t.

I was listening to alternative music way back in the early 1980s (yes I’m old) before it was even called alternative music (we called them small bands or unsigned bands). Nowadays everything is alternative. Alternative music, alternative culture, alternative medicine, alternative apparel, alternative press, alternative minimum tax, alternate side of the street parking. The pendulum has swung way too far! So if you’ll need me I’ll be listening to James Taylor with a copy Reader’s Digest in hand. GET OFF MY LAWN HIPSTER! But leave your beer on the porch …

It will be interesting to see if ISIS gets upset that Jordan executed a failed ISIS suicide bomber prisoner. Should you get upset when your suicide bomber is a victim of homicide? Your suicide bomber … what’s the proper Islamic reaction to this per the Quran? Do you send more suicide bombers? Do you yourself become a suicide bomber? Do you try to homicide those that homicided your suicide bomber? Do you threaten to have your other failed suicide bomber prisoner go on a hunger strike? Do you purposely send a martyr to get arrested so as to go on a hunger strike in prison? That’ll show ’em! Or do you eat a shitload of falafel and hummus and get really fat and drunk? Maybe you try another suicide underwear bomber? If your failed suicide shoe bomber is arrested and executed by trampling in the public square how many virgin camels does she receive in paradise? None? If you’re a female suicide bomber in a burqa and your not wearing underwear does a fig leaf fall in the desert? Do you even need to wear underwear in a society without toilette paper? Or toilettes? All sorts of existential questions have been raised. What would Mohammed do??

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