If you can’t laugh at yourself, than everybody else will anyway.

If you take the world too seriously it will beat down your soul and consume your heart faster than normal.

Time waits for no one except Steven Hawking, so be Steven Hawking when time permits. Now!

Stress is bad for your health – use it or lose it.

Make the most of what you don’t have, it’s all you’ve gotten!

No man is an island but Isle of Man.

There’s no substitute for experience, and that’s why no experience compares to the first time.

Seize the day because all the best shit goes down at night.

It’s optional to live and learn, but it’s required to live and earn.

Study history even if you go into financial debt doing so as it’s a lifelong investment in your future to ignore the present and understand the past of others of whom you’re bound to repeat.

If you had it to do all over again … what the fuck-all would it matter how you did it in the first place?!?!