“Emperor Obama”?

Why not “Emperor Bush” then? Or more appropriately “Emperor Cheney”?

Obama should seek to hold Bush, Cheney, and the CIA accountable for torture IF ONLY to shut up the GOP with their petty, small-ball, bullshit “Emperor Obama” talk about his use of power — with its lawsuits and threat of impeachment — to help flesh-and-blood human beings living in the US that were born in another country, and to provide access to health insurance to needy Americans.

At minimum, Obama should be saying to the GOP that if they move forward with that nonsense he’ll direct the Department of Justice to go after Cheney and Bush for torture. Not that he shouldn’t do it anyway, as doing so will cause any clear thinking person to see the asinine nature of the GOP’s allegations against Obama. And because Rule of Law.

I wonder if the GOP and the Tea Party caucus have awoken a sleeping tiger now that Obama is a lame duck? (Yes I am mixing metaphors.) Obama is clearly thinking of his legacy as well as getting things done to help people out. We know Obama wants to “look forward”, but he also seems very concerned about how history will look back at him. With the Senate’s report on torture, if I were the GOP I’d take off my jackboots and tread lightly. (Another metaphor cocktail.)

The GOP always sees Obama’s use of power as abuse of power. That won’t change. Obama may have to go after Bush, Cheney, and the CIA to remind folks of how true abuse of power manifests. And that’s a shame.