Yes, Obama should’ve held back on this report on torture, because it makes the previous president and the Republican party look bad, and since the Republicans have been so helpful and supportive of the Obama administration, why poison the waters?


The Republican message is this: Bush is allowed to torture, Obama CANNOT provide healthcare; let’s pardon Bush and impeach Obama.

This parallels the police brutality issue: the Government is not allowed to overreact. Saying that one has to consider the time, the post 9/11 time and its confusion and desire to strike back, does not allow us to overreact like barbarians with excessive force or with torture.

Why? Because no one is above the law in the US, not even the government. If you or I caught our spouse or boy/girlfriend in bed with someone other than ourselves, we cannot murder them and then say “oh but you got understand my state of mind I was really upset to find out they were cheating on me”.