The cops are the victims, they just want to eat doughnuts all day long and then go home to their families at night and eat chicken pot pie, beat their wives, and drink Jameson until they pass out in the recliner. If a few black children need to be greased to make this happen, so be it. Black children don’t have gathers, cops do. So I say let the cops shoot first and ask questions later (if at all, LOL! well played grand juries!!). My shoeshiner’s cousin, who’s black mind you, said he feels that if Eric Garner (if that’s his reel name and not Sha’keem Shakeemawah) had been skinnier, he’d have been training for a triathlon or a zombie run instead of loitering. Black zombies are cool, it’s like “two birds, one stone” when you shoot them. Although our new politically-correct, liberal, lamestream media world will probably make it illegal to shoot zombies. Obama will probably even give them green cards and heath care, am I right?!? Remember, loitering is a crime, Sha’keem had it coming.