On CNN just now with Wolf Blitzer, Dr. Ben Carson refused to take back or even clarify his comparison of the US to Nazi Germany, thus ending the probability of him becoming president.

He also refused to reconsider his view that Obamacare “is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery.”

He may still run and may succeed initially, but he can’t win a general election now. Being that loose and bombastic with his words makes him a liability as a leader, it’s not the asset he thinks it is. It makes him look like an extremist. Also, the voters want to elect a president that loves America and wants to make it better, not one that seemingly hates America and maybe wants to make it better, and wants to do so by pretending it’s the mid 1770s again.

Props to Wolf to holding Carson accountable, to asking tough questions and not backing down.

Carson also asked Wolf to consider that Wolf may not have understood the “true meaning” of Carson’s words, that one has to ignore the implication of “just hearing” the word Nazi and consider the political and historical context of Nazi Germany and to stop being politically correct, BUT THEN, seconds later, said America needs to employ a strict, fundamental view of the US Constitution devoid of context, history, or intent. Can’t have it both ways Dr. Carson!