Relax, Obama isn’t handing out green cards or any other type of citizenship or even a pathway to citizenship. Just work permits and protection from deportation for illegal immigrants (that will still be illegal) that have already been living in the US without a criminal record for five years. These immigrants will not get any federal benefits, but will continue to pay state and federal income taxes. Almost nothing will change on a practical level, other than ignoring the situation.

Of course, we have to wait until Thursday night’s speech to see what’s up, but it appears that this is what Obama is going to do.

Legally, it appears that the changes will be legal with the president’s authority on how to punish, or not, lawbreakers and with his power as administrator of laws and powers over the Department of Labor.

When asked a while back about immigration law when Obama said he can’t act like an emperor he was talking about implementing laws in a bill that the House had passed but the Senate had not. That would be illegal, the president cannot write or change laws, but is empowered and responsible to administer them and set penalties for breaking them.

Reagan gave about four million illegal immigrants green cards and no one accused him of overstepping his powers. AND he did it because he said Congress had failed to act.

Obama has deported more people than any president in US history. If any of the illegal immigrants he’s about to offer work permits and deportation relief to ever commit a crime, they can and will most likely be deported. That can’t happen to a US citizen.