Politically incorrect and entirely insensitive jokes about changes coming to Apple now that Tim Cook has come out as gay:

1. At Apple, the phrase “in the pipeline” will be replaced with “down the runway”.

2. The Apple logo will go back to being rainbow striped.

3. On second thought let’s keep “in the pipeline”, that works just fine.

4. iCloud will be re-branded iSunnyDay!!!

5. New, faster cable: FireIslandWire.

6. The next big thing: iShowTunes.

7. Apple Pay will come with a wallet from Hermés and a bag from Prada.

8. The iWatch will now be round and 47mm in diameter, and will come on a black studded leather wrist cuff.

9. All future product release press conferences will take place in Cabo.

10. New President of Marketing: Honey Badger.

11. Banana?

12. The iPhone will get a longer lasting battery.