The air attacks on ISIS in Syria should accomplish at least a few things:

1. Start the process of degrading and destroying ISIS.
2. Shut up John McCain.
3. Shut up John Boehner in saying Obama is weak and leads from behind.
4. Shut up the journalists and pundits that think they know how the US conducts military operations; arguably the media was used by the Obama administration to enhance the advantage of surprise of the airstrikes.
5. Reinforce the concept that Israel has a right to defend itself. (Remember, two beheaded US journalists were the last straw which resulted in US military action; similar to the killed Israeli teens that precipitated the recent Palestinian-Israeli fighting.)
6. Maybe, just maybe, get the current Congress to start taking its role in leading and running America seriously.

This is what I’ve got so far, other consequences are sure to come to mind.

Oh yeah …

6. Get Putin to rethink his Ukraine strategy.