When Hamas only gets props from Iran, Syria, and Turkey (really Turkey?) you know the jig is up. Oh and Qatar, I forgot Qatar, but who doesn’t, right?

If you’re for a free Gaza with open borders and little to no control from Israel, please know that Hamas is making that a lot less likely, not more. Because nothing says “trusts us, we make great neighbors” like rocket attacks, terrorist tunnels, broken cease-fires, and suicide bombers! Even Egypt, normally Gaza’s best friend, locked down the border between it and Gaza and went after the tunnels there too, and before Israel decided to do the same thing. Arguably the closed Egypt/Gaza border is what really caused Hamas’s current desperation, as it was getting most of its resources from that route. (Note: the US and Mexico have a free trade agreement and we still control that border, more so everyday.). So yes, champion a free Gaza, but do so with smarts and class, not with terrorism and anti-Semitism. No discussion occurs about a free Gaza with Hamas in power there, that’s the political reality. Even 75% of Gazans hate Hamas. 

The other bit of crazy talk is when people say “Israel’s response should be more proportional”. Here’s the thing: Hamas and Israel are fighting a war, like it or not (not). And the objective of war is to win not tie. A proportional response leads to stalemate not victory. Now this doesn’t mean I’m pro war or even think that Israel should try to achieve its goals with war. It’s just that it’s silly to expect either side to hold back in a war, no matter which side you think is justified (if any justification can actually be ascribed). If Hamas were to acquire better weapons and tactics it would use them in its quest for victory, it wouldn’t hold back at all, especially not out of fear of killing civilians.

Yes, many of Israel’s weapons are from the United States. And many of Hamas’s weapons are from Iran, Syria, and Russia.

So why I’m a getting so worked up about this shit to the point where I need to discuss it on this forum of kitten videos and food photos? I mean other than just trying to make sense of it?? Because I’m discouraged to see my people, we liberal hipster creative types, fall on the wrong side of the argument. And, not for nothin’, to see Fox News more or less fall on the right side of the argument. Not that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict slots neatly into a right/wrong binary, but I do think Israelis are less wrong than Palestinians. It’s shocking to see how much strange thinking exists out there, how much anti-Semitism or near-anti-Semitism there seems to exist in purportedly open-minded people. I know the tendency in my tribe is to support the little guy, the underdog, the mom-and-pop, and all things indie. And I know it seems like Hamas are the freedom fighting rebels like in Star Wars. But they’re not, and even if they were the end doesn’t justify the means. The ultimate irony is to say Israel has created an Apartheid state in Gaza and thus Hamas can do no wrong, as Nelson Mandela himself tried fighting oppression with violence first, failed at it, then tried peaceful, thoughtful, non-violent tactics like sanctions and divestiture and succeeded.