One cannot cite MLK, Mandela, and Gandhi as heros and then also be pro-Hamas. Not without being a moronic hypocrite.

There are no pure, innocent, all-good actors in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Hamas is a terrorist organization that has failed to improve the lives of the people in Gaza, whose only method for achieving anything has been violence. A new poll indicates about 75% of Gazans do not approve of Hamas. Globally, I don’t think any legitimate organization or country officially supports Hamas, not Egypt and not even the PLO really.

Israel has built a strong democratic, market-based society. Yet it has done some horrible things under the veil of self-defense.

Choosing a side in the conflict, as in a lot of conflicts, is an exercise in choosing the less bad actor. Taken on the whole, with an over-arching view since 1948, Israel comes out ahead of any Palestinian group, territory, or Arab country. But it’s no saint, and there are no saints anywhere really, so don’t go looking for one.