If someone told you 2+2=22 you’d tell them they were wrong wouldn’t you?

Even if they sincerely and passionately believed it, you’d still tell them it was wrong, no? If they explained their thinking on how combining a 2 with another 2 gives them 22 and that it makes perfect sense to them, you’d give them a short lesson on how addition works, how a 2 is a symbol, that it’s representational of a numerical value and has meaning beyond the mere character as written. You’d explain to this person how 2+2=4. You’d try to get them to see the science, the logic of it, of how their definition of 2, their assumption of 2, was wrong.

Now if this person, after listening to the explanation of how 2+2=4, continued to say they believed 2+2=22, and then went on to say that you were in fact wrong, and not them, because when you add “what” and “ever” you get “whatever” so thus 2+2=22 what would you do next? You might tell them that they didn’t understand the basic concepts of math, and that they were using a technique of language within the realm of math, and that by believing 2+2=22 they were not qualified to hold an intelligent discussion about math or to teach math to others, no?

Yet those who say equally ridiculous things like 2+2=22 in other realms like economics, life science, climate science and sociology, their voices are getting louder and louder.