The most abused drugs in America are legal prescription drugs and account for the majority of overdoses. Minors have easy access to these drugs from their parent’s medicine cabinets. This doesn’t make the legalization of marijuana look all that bright to me. No there won’t be OD’s, but it’s inevitable more kids will be using pot. And yes, pot is generally accepted as safe in adults over 25 when used in moderation and responsibly (no heavy machinery use when stoned!) but that’s not at all the case with children and teenagers.

De-criminalization is absolutely the right thing to do, but industrializing the production and distribution (and then probably marketing) of pot is irresponsible in my opinion. You want pot use to be like abortion: legal, safe, rare. (Ok, so much for rare, but you get what I’m saying: you don’t want to encourage people to smoke pot anymore than you want to encourage them to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or eat fatty foods; remember trans fats are illegal in NYC as is smoking anywhere except in your home and on the sidewalk.) In a few years I think the states that have legalized pot are going to regret it once the downsides become apparent. Those states will then probably restrict and tax pot so much that people will just get it illegally anyway. Of course that assumes people will stop buying pot from an illegal drug dealer, which I bet won’t really happen en masse. Why would it when one phone call gets it delivered to your door in minutes??? Once the novelty of buying pot in a store wears off, the tax revenues will go way down and then states will have more societal problems due to pot use and less money to spend to deal with them. I mean, I doubt your delivery service is going to incorporate and start paying taxes!

So what do I suggest? I guess I’d make pot use and its sale legal, but I’d make the marketing of it illegal, and the sale of it in a store illegal as well. Then I’d have it so that the only way you could buy pot is via home delivery, but you’d need to buy a license to sell it that way, and then I’d make the penalty of not getting the license ridiculously high (like life in prison) so that dealers would see the sense of going legit and thus paying taxes. That would work I think.