Hmmm, maybe I am for treating corporations as people? 

Let’s give them a social security number and tax them like workers by treating sales as salary, and taxing that income at the higher rates for wages, rather than the lower rates for profit. Plus, taxing sales will nearly eliminate “cooking the books” and make tax evasion a lot harder. Corporations will lose many tax loopholes and write-offs and write-downs, and hiding money overseas in tax shelters will be a lot harder.

The big advantage is the government will enjoy a huge influx of cash, erasing the budget deficit and making social security and medicaid/medicare solvent and able to offer greater benefits.  In fact, taxes on the middle class could probably go way down, as so many more millionaire and billionaire persons would be subject to wage taxes. If one company bought another and folded the purchased company, I guess we could then even levy an estate tax.

Also, liability for corporations would go way up, so they would have to start treating their employees and the environment a whole lot better.

And I suppose that bringing criminal charges against individual corporate managers and owners would be a lot easier with the removal of the “corporate veil”.

Yes, this corporate personhood idea is worth considering very closely, by taxing them like people on the money coming in and not the money left over at the end of the month or financial quarter.

Seems a very good deal for simply allowing them to not have to cover the costs of employee birth control!