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Diplomacy? Yeah that’ll work with Assad, after all, it has worked a grand total of NEVER in hundreds of attempts already.

The White House will most likely produce evidence of the Assad regime and its military engaging in the chemical weapons attacks through intercepts of communications ordering/conducting the attacks. (Obama will then make some hay out of it to diffuse criticism regarding the Snowden NSA revelations.) Who knows what Syria, Russia, China, and Iran will say then? They’ll probably (continue to) say it’s all fake intelligence cooked up by the US or by Syrian rebels, and maybe even by Israel come to think of it. “Remember the WMDs!” they’ll say, because unlike the US, you can take to the bank everything Syria, Russia, China, and Iran say as 100% truth: fact-checked, cross-referenced, transparent and accountable.

Place your orders for Raytheon shares when markets open.


Anyone ever select “lowest” for an email’s priority setting?

Today’s youth, the 20-somethings, have more to rebel against than any other generation post-WWII, yet they keep their heads down and their mouths shut. ???

Aaron Sorkin really digs this deposition technique. First The Social Network, now all of season two of The Newsroom. Gone to the once too often? We’ll see …

(I hope not.)

What the hell is going on while I sleep?  I’ll take a shower and brush my teeth before bed, but when I wake up I’m all oily, crusty, stinky, confused, still tired, and often achy.  As far as I can tell I just lie there all night long …. ?

Sorry but the line between hybrids and GMOs is not quite that sharp.

Please know that in the 1930s many farmers and other groups vehemently opposed hybridization as “against nature”.

Yes, Monsanto seems to be abusing patent laws and is otherwise acting in a very opaque manner, but I don’t believe that’s cause to demonize GMOs as a whole. Sure, labeling GMOs as such is a fine idea, but not if that labeling is used to imply that they’re inherently dangerous.

Food is sustenance first and foremost. About 16,000 children die each day (EACH DAY!) from hunger related causes. Millions of children (and adults too) have died for lack of food as simple as a cup of white rice. Subsistence farmers take all the help they can get. While I do enjoy good food and a good meal, elevating food to an expensive luxury good and cooking to an exclusive art form can be quite vulgar and somewhat dangerous as well. So it’s worth repeating: food is sustenance first and foremost.

Bacteria is everywhere, in plants and in animals. Some bacteria are vital for life, and in fact very few strains of bacteria are directly dangerous to humans. Every human has about 500 to 1000 strains of bacteria in their gut, about 5 pounds of bacteria overall within and on their bodies, and there are trillions of microorganisms in/on humans – outnumbering human cells 10 to 1. Without this microbiome humans could not exist. Introducing a bacteria’s DNA into a plant’s DNA should not cause a knee-jerk reaction that the result is some kind of poison.

If you want to eat healthier, simply eating less food will do you so much more good than changing the foods that you do eat, especially if you’re an American.

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