Hmm, it occurs to me that Trayvon Martin’s memory and legacy might be better served if there is no federal trial. His character, as (well as George Zimmerman’s) will be dragged through the mud and back in a civil rights trial. Every bad thing he ever did will be exposed and exaggerated. He will become the boy bashing the head of another person into concrete, rather than the boy with candy and a soft drink walking home. His racial views will come up: what did he mean by “cracker” and was he profiling Zimmerman when he got into a fight with him, every off-color tweet or web posting he made will come up, if he ever said anything negative about any race it will be dug up and used to impeach his character, his weed use will be used to portray him as an out of control drug addict, and the harmless hyperbole and braggadocio that all teenagers engage in will be used to portray him as a thug. It will be ugly. And at the end, the trial will certainly show that Martin and Zimmerman were both flawed, imperfect people like us all. Then what?

Is it not enough that Martin is dead, he has to be subject to character assassination too?