There’s something of a an irony here. At first, George Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested. Then outcry from the public, civil rights groups, celebrities, and even a sports team created such a media storm that Florida felt immense pressure to do something and something big. So they arrested Zimmerman and threw the book at him, in the form of murder 2. That, for the most part, placated those who cried out. The trial ended with an acquittal and Zimmerman was free as before. (Except that his life has been forever changed for the worse, but in the eyes of the law he is “free”.) All of the effort, time, and money spent has left us nearly exactly where we were before Zimmerman’s arrest; the local police force seems vindicated in their initial impression that there wasn’t enough evidence to support murder and that the Zimmerman acted in self defense.

A few question (at least) come to mind:

1. Would those who pressured Florida to arrest and charge Zimmerman been satisfied with charges of manslaughter and aggregated assault with a deadly weapon?

2. If Florida built their case around those charges, would Zimmerman have been convicted?

3. Should Florida have gone with manslaughter and aggregated assault with a deadly weapon only despite the all the outcry?

4. Did all the outcry actually make the situation worse by calling for in terms of wanting to see Zimmerman put in jail?