I have a cold and I am physically exhausted but my mind is racing. Thoughts are moving at the speed of light: poetry, song lyrics, the next big thing(s). The past is crystal clear and all of yesterday’s mistakes seem so avoidable. The future is nothing but upside — I can see how every piece of the puzzle will fit. I’ve balanced my budget (on the back of a virtual envelope in the clouds). I’ve set goals, and listed tactics that lead to them. The papers are all read; are there anymore please? I’m too wired for music, it’s way too repetitive right now. I need controversy and conflict to settle. Give me your problem and I’ll deliver a solution. Is it too late for a bike ride?

If the clock weren’t ticking, I’d be in ecstasy and enjoying every nanosecond of this. I’d be in paradise. Why can’t this state of mind come in the daylight? And preferably on a Sunday around brunchtime.

I dunno, maybe I just have a fever again. That or bipolar disorder! LOL