If I were the Obama administration, I’d do this:

1. No bans on firearms that aren’t already banned.

2. License all gun owners.

3. Register all firearms.

4. NICS background checks on all firearm purchases at all times, every time.

5. Hold the last known gun owner partly responsible when a gun is used in a crime.

6. Impose a federal tax on all gun and ammo purchases (nothing to severe, only a percentage point or two.)

7. Make it clear that the government has no desire or intent to confiscate privately owned firearms. (This is the trickiest one as it seems no law or laws, current or future, will assuage the “gun nuts” on this point.)

Do this federally across all states; if a state wants even stricter gun laws, allow it, these would be the bare minimum.

If gun rights advocates or gun manufacturers balk at this, mention it is a fair trade for no new additional firearm bans. And that it’s the responsible thing to do and that no gun owner without malintent would object to these laws.