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If I were the Obama administration, I’d do this:

1. No bans on firearms that aren’t already banned.

2. License all gun owners.

3. Register all firearms.

4. NICS background checks on all firearm purchases at all times, every time.

5. Hold the last known gun owner partly responsible when a gun is used in a crime.

6. Impose a federal tax on all gun and ammo purchases (nothing to severe, only a percentage point or two.)

7. Make it clear that the government has no desire or intent to confiscate privately owned firearms. (This is the trickiest one as it seems no law or laws, current or future, will assuage the “gun nuts” on this point.)

Do this federally across all states; if a state wants even stricter gun laws, allow it, these would be the bare minimum.

If gun rights advocates or gun manufacturers balk at this, mention it is a fair trade for no new additional firearm bans. And that it’s the responsible thing to do and that no gun owner without malintent would object to these laws.


Gun rights advocates oppose gun control because they feel government wants to take their guns. A Putnam County newspaper published a list of gun owners in the county, and the reaction by those gun owners is that they feel they have all been made targets by criminals that want to steal their guns. Why do they always think someone wants their guns??? Honestly, no one really gives a damn about them so long as they use and store their guns safely.

You would think that guns owners (I having been one) would understand the danger and awesome killing power of a semi-auto rifle like an AR-15. Or even a small Glock 27. I simply don’t understand why gun owners don’t support sensible gun control. Gun owners not supporting sensible gun control on a day like today (and all others like it) is more likely to have the government decide to take their guns away then by the government ever fearing the people will rise up against government with guns. Not supporting sensible gun control is simply irresponsible. All freedoms carry responsibility, especially the freedom given in the 2nd Amendment. Abuse or misuse of a freedom often leads to having that freedom taken away. Remember? Or do you need to repeat kindergarten?

For those who say cars kill more than guns, remember cars are tagged, registered, inspected, taxed, insured, and their sales are closely tracked, and their users are required by law to prove they can safely operate a car and are required by law to get and posses an operator license that can be revoked if the car owner misuses a car or ignores driving laws. This is true in every state in the US. So all you gun nuts who bring up cars, yes, exactly, cars kill people (but as the car nut that I am: cars don’t kill people, people do!), but there would be a lot more car deaths if cars and drivers were not “controlled”. So yes, all you gun nuts out there, please keep comparing guns to cars: let’s manage guns and gun owners like we do cars and car owners. No, it won’t eliminate gun deaths, but you cannot say it will have zero effect on gun deaths. And as a society we can at least say we are doing something sensible about such an obvious problem.

What SHOULD happen Monday is that the loophole on background checks at guns shows should be eliminated. (Mr. Obama, I’m looking at you and clearing my throat.) So Mr. President, Congress, at least throw us that bone as it really has no downside. (Unless the NRA contributes to your campaign, then there’s a big downside!)

It’s worth mention the most car deaths are accidents, not murders. (Which might be true with guns come to think of it, right?)

And if you own a gun, please put a fucking trigger lock on it when you’re not using it, ok? It will make you safer, which is why you own gun, right? Or do you want to be more dangerous with your gun? If so, you probably shouldn’t have one

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